About Luann

If there was one phrase that sums up your feelings about your life right at this moment, would it be, “it’s time for something new”? Are you feeling uninspired, stagnant, and stuck? I am Luann Horobin, and I have been there!

Whether you are going through a job transition, need to improve your leadership capacity, or need to break through old patterns, you are in the right place.

Are you ready to take a proactive approach to claim your future, but you need a coach, a facilitator, and someone to help you achieve your goals? I’m here to help you do just that!

Luann helps you re-focus your attention on what matters and implement the steps to make it happen.

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My Mission

I am on a mission to be an agent of change to all my current and future clients to make their life better by:

  • Turning challenges into success
  • Rewiring limiting mindset
  • Recognizing limiting beliefs and rewiring belief systems to create change

Why did I start Mastering Your Savvy?

First, after going through career and personal life change all at once, I ultimately questioned everything I was about and became deeply inspired to change careers and mindsets, from scratch.

Secondly, as a result of my obstacles, I learned how to turn stress into success. I believe everyone deserves to develop the techniques that helped me overcome my obstacles and create my new future.

What is stress and a limiting mindset costing you every day in valuable memories and fulfillment that are lost and can’t be replaced?

What better time than now to fully live your experiences and your life! I am excited to help you turn your stress and limiting mindset into your success!

Luann Horobin Profile

Are you in alignment with what’s important to you? Are your beliefs aligned with your goals? Is there a gap from where you are to where you want to be? What do you really want?

With over 20 years of working experience, Luann has made it her mission to assist others in removing limiting beliefs and mindsets that prevent us from living our true potential. With gentle guidance and thought-altering questions, she is able to assist you in acknowledging where you are stuck, and then help work with you and your personal power to create life-altering breakthroughs that benefit all areas of your life.

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My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from my own process which taught me to believe in ‘you’ and your dreams.

As a result of my obstacles, I learned how to turn stress into success and became highly inspired as an agent of change, as I believe everyone deserves joy, fulfillment and success in their life. In fact, I believe you deserve to develop the right techniques to overcome your obstacles. Even more than that, I believe in you, as well. I believe in you achieving your goals and aspirations.

Luann’s Certification


Birkman Method

Birkman Method:

Certified in Birkman Method:  A comprehensive assessment that provides information on occupations, and how one is likely able to handle stress and relate to the demands of management positions. Profiles help with:

  • Career guidance
  • Conflict resolution
  • Career and leadership coaching
  • Organizational development
  • Recruitment, selection and promotion with better hiring decisions and uncovering potential
  • Improved communication
  • Increased management effectiveness and engagement
  • Building cohesive teams
  • Improved sales and profits
  • Reduced turnover 

The Leadership Circle

Certification and Leadership

Leadership Circle Profile Certification and Leadership Culture Survey Certifications. A thorough leadership assessment designed to:

  • Build leadership effectiveness and beliefs that support leadership effectiveness
  • Provide a thorough assessment and coaching of leadership competencies
  • Build a foundation in all of the components for effective leadership that bridges the gap between self and circumstance to effectively manage developmental change and complexity of change
  • Catalyze conversations with leadership teams around awareness of their impact
  • Implement effective collective leadership strategies
  • Establish a collective leadership mindset to enhance effectiveness and business performance
  • Enhance collective effectiveness and business performance
  • Develop and synthesize the key focus of collective leadership instead of creating a list of actions/to-do’s

Conversational Intelligence

Certified in Conversational Intelligence

A tool and assessment based on the neuroscience behind conversation to help individuals, teams and leaders develop new strategies to:

  • Address their competitive challenges in a world of moving targets.
  • Develop tools and awareness on conversations shaping life and corporate culture to achieve goals.
  • Implement tools and awareness for conversations as a catalyst for change in culture, building trust, building world-class leadership and high levels of teamwork and partnering.
  • Assess conversational effectiveness and trust capacity through assessments and improved strategies.
  • Bridge communication and relationship gaps at all levels.


Career Development

Career Development Certificate with additional certifications in strategy and executive resume. Ultimately, helping thousands of clients in multiple diversified industries to achieve their career goals with improved strategies in career resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, interviewing, career changing, and more.

Coaching Designations Including CPCC

A Certified Professional Coach with a background in Leadership Coaching and Training, in addition to multiple processes of transformation, including Access Consciousness, Theta Healing, Psych-K, and others. Additional ICF Certification in progress.