Getting to the Awesome You Workshop

May 26, 2019 › 10:00am – 4:30pm
Located at Country Garden Crystals, Crossfield AB

In this class we will use a simple, but powerful, self-analysis tool that shows exactly where you are in life, your belief systems and goals, and that highlights what areas of your life would benefit from transformation. You will learn simple, practical tools that rewire limiting beliefs, assisting you in trusting yourself and stepping forward into a new future – boosting your confidence, empowering your conversations, and opening your healing practice to new opportunities. All of the tools we will use in this class are tried and true, and based on neuroscience – it’s time to re-wire our mindsets and create new beginnings!

This is a 6 hour class, and in it you will learn:

  • Where you are in life
  • Your belief systems (where they limit your potential, and where they boost it)
  • How to rewire limiting mindsets
  • Positive communication tips
  • How to boost your life, get to an Awesome You, and create a new future

Cost: $110.00/GST